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Gaming the Syrian Endgame

Why Assad will and must remain in power, and how Russia, Iran, Israel and the US can bring the civil war to ...
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russia china relations

The Rapprochement Between Russia & China Is A Good Thing, Not A Bad Thing

The Guardian newspaper has noted that a rift became apparent at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) when discussing policies ...
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Russia’s response and the diplomatic opportunity

Following the incident that occurred in Syria on Sept. 17, Russia has decided to send S-300 missile systems to Syria ...
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russia israel plane shootdown

The Russian plane shoot-down and Russia-Israel relations

For the last three years, Russia-Israel relations have significantly improved due in large part to the two countries’ agreeing to ...
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Is This ‘New Cold War’ between America and Russia really ‘New’?

According to the mainstream media, the ‘New Cold War’ between America and Russia began in 2014, when Russia accepted the ...
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Peace in the Middle East: Russia’s Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

It is often said in the Western mainstream media that Russian President Vladimir Putin is playing a disrupting role around ...
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Zach BattatZach Battat is a foreign policy expert. Zach’s main expertise include: Russia, the geopolitics of the Middle East, Lebanon, Syria, the Levant, sectarianism, and the foreign relations of the international community towards the Middle East. Zach is currently completing his PhD in Middle Eastern & African History at the Zvi Yavetz School of Historical Studies at Tel Aviv University. He is a Junior Editor for Global Brief, a top-tier international affairs magazine with a heavy global readership. He also contributes to a variety of online news publications and think tanks around the world.

While he is far from home, he diligently keeps a close eye on the Montreal Canadiens as they try to add to their Stanley Cup banners. You can follow Zach on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. For any other requests, you can reach him at